Visual Effects


created with Adobe After Effects by Drew Lanius

Face Motion Track example inspired by HBO’s Game of Thrones

Game Of Thrones – Crests and Text Bevel and Animation

Face Motion Track example

Animated Logo Reveal for JCR Studios in the Columbus, OH Area

Rust Effect Animation on Text (Original Concept A. Kramer)

MiDiCi Cincinnati Social Media Ad For EP3 Appearance

Logo Bevel and Light Shift Example

Disintegration Effect (Original Concept A. Kramer)

Lightning/Rain and Puddles/Sky Replace/Explosion FX (Original Concept A. Kramer)

Volume Lighting Effect on Text

Particle Effects (Original Concept A. Kramer)

Little Kings Beer 60th Anniversary Social Media Bumper

Beveled Text Environment Reactive (Original Concept A. Kramer)

Multi-FX Shot (Green Screen/Sky Replace/3D Track/Colorgrade)

Earth From Space With Lens Flare

Earth From Space With Star Map

FiRE Rivercenter Promotional Vid for Social Media 2018

Face Motion Tracking/Sub Surface Skin FX (Original Concept A. Kramer)

Intro Sequence For Internationally Acclaimed Elvis Impersonator Cody Ray Slaughter

Welcome Video for Internationally Acclaimed Elvis Impersonator Cody Ray Slaughter